Director - Stevan Riley

Producer - John Battsek, George Chignell

Production Company - Passion Pictures


In this feature length ducumentary the storyteller is Marlon Brando himself. Director Stevan Riley put together an edit from the thousands of hours of audiotapes made available to him by the Brando Estate. The main part of the story's visuals are News-reel, Movies and Stills from Mr. Brando's life but about a quater of the visual images in the finished film, we filmed on the set we built in West London Film Studios. The inspiration was his Mulholland Drive bungalow which was demolished shortly after his death. But we also wanted this space to have a dreamlike quality, like Brando's memory of his own house.

Every Scrapbook, "personal item", letter and photo in the set was sourced or created by the art department.


LISTEN TO ME MARLON has won 4 awards and been nominated for 17.


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Agent: Casarotto Marsh

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